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How to install tawk to ?

Sign up for now to install the app and chat with your visitors on your websites.
How to install tawk to ?

Sign up for now to install the app and chat with your visitors on your websites.

To have information about What is You can review our publication.

Step 1 - Login to the Site

Go to and click the Free Sign Up button at the top right.

Step 2 - Register

On the page that opens, we specify our name, e-mail and password and click the Signup For Free button.

Step 3 - Select Language

On the page that opens, the English option will come by default. You can select the Turkish language option by clicking on English.

Step 4 - Website Information

It will ask you to enter the site name, site url and tool name. You can give your site title in the Site Name field, your website link in the site url field, and name the tool you created in in the tool name field.

Step 5 - Team Members

In this step, you can add a representative or an administrator like you, who can start a conversation with visitors on your website. You can fill in the e-mail address of the person you will invite. If you are going to use it alone, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 6 - Upload Tools

You have reached the area where you will receive the code to add to your site. You can complete the widget code by copying it and adding it to the areas you want to show on your website in the body tag. If you do not know how to add code to your site, there is an area on this page where you can choose known website infrastructures or send an e-mail to the developer of your website. You can finish your process by clicking the Complete button.

Step 7 - Tour

If you have limited interest in the web, you can learn what you can do by joining the tour.

Step 8 - Take a Test

After placing the code on your site, enter your site and leave a message as a visitor and reply from the panel. If you can communicate without any problems, your installation is complete.

Step 9 - How Will Look on Your Site?

To change the widget display, you can update settings such as color, text and logo at Administration.

You can request support by commenting on any topic related to

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deniz toprak- 12.09.2021 02:07 bir sohbet uygulamasıdır. Bir hesabı oluşturabilir ve web sitenizin ziyaretçileriyle sohbet edebilirsiniz. is a chat application. You can create a account and chat with visitors of your website.
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What is tawk to ? is a live chat application that can be installed very quickly, completely free, without any feature limit, and which you can add to your websites and mobile applications.
06 May 2020
What is tawk to ?