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Rules for Successful Blogging

Before we talk about the rules of managing a successful blog, let's talk about the concept of a blog. Blogs are fields created for the purpose of sharing information. This information is prepared by a person or group.
Rules for Successful Blogging

Before we talk about the rules of managing a successful blog, let's talk about the concept of a blog. Blogs are fields created for the purpose of sharing information. This information is prepared by a person or group. In general, no official language is used in blog posts. Blogs;

  • Personal blog,
  • Community block,
  • Contact blog,
  • The company is divided into four blocks as a block.

Let's look at how blog varieties produce content:

  1. Personal Blog: Content written by a person according to what that person wants.
  2. Community Blog: This is a blog where content posted by people who are members is published. Community Blog members are people united on a certain topic.
  3. Temasal Blog: These are blogs that produce content about specific topics. It focuses on such a topic as technology, food, games, travel.
  4. Company Blog: Companies provide content to their consumers and target audiences about their products and services.

What Are the Features of a Successful Blog?

For the rules of successful blog management, the blog must have some features. These features are listed below:

A Remarkable and Easily Understandable Domain Name Should Be Found: A remarkable and easily understood domain name should be used. It is also important to have a domain name related to the topic of the blog content. Thus, visitors will not forget you and will easily find your address again.

It would be good to prefer the com extension in the domain name. It would make sense to buy the net extension of the same name as well. The imitations that may occur later are not dealt with.

A favorite domain name may have been taken before. Versions of this name such as hyphen (-) or period (.) should not be taken. This is important in order not to create a copy of the original domain name. It must have a different and unique domain name.

The Blog Must Be Mobile Compatible: It is very important that the prepared blog site is mobile compatible. Today, most people prefer mobile devices while using the internet. This rate will increase day by day. Therefore, among the rules of successful blog management, when designing the blog page, it should be designed to be opened easily on mobile devices.

Blog Security Must Be Provided: It is necessary to protect the blog site from attacks such as viruses and spam. Therefore, a security program should be installed on the block.

User-Friendly Theme Should Be Selected: The theme to be chosen for the blog should be simple and easy to perceive. In other words, the user-friendliness of the design to be used for the blog will please the visitors.

Among the Content Management Systems (CMS) The Most Appropriate One Should Be Selected: While preparing a blog, people can create their own blogs. They can also get it done by a professional agency if they want. Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla are the main content management systems. Wordpress is still the most used content management system in the world. Among the rules of successful blog management, it would make sense to get help from an agency while preparing the blog. The agency to be selected must be creative and reliable. Thus, a quality blog can be obtained as desired.

Correct Character, Fonts Should be Selected: The font to be used for the contents should be legible and should not tire the eyes. The general character suitable for each operating system should be selected. The character size in blog content is points. While choosing the font size, readability should be set to high. In addition, the font size should be 10 to 12. Sans-Serif and Verdana fonts are some of the preferred characters for blogs.

Hosting Company Must Be Professional: Blog name and blog domain must be purchased from hosting companies. The hosting company to be preferred should be reliable and provide professional service. In addition, the hosting company should be easily accessible.

The Most Appropriate Plug-in Programs Should Be Installed for the Blog: Applications such as SEO, mailing, contact forms are very important in the CSM system. Among the rules of successful blog management, applications such as SEO, mailing, contact forms should be defined on the blog site. One of the most important needs of the blog is these programs. Those who prepare their own blog should prepare software that will function as these programs. Those who have their blog prepared by the agency should make sure that there is software on their blogs that will respond to these programs.

Blog Should Load Quickly: Visitors logging into the blog will want the page to open immediately. Therefore, the site should load fast. In addition, it should be known that the transition between pages can be done quickly. Internet users leave blogs that do not open for more than 3 seconds. Loading speed is an important factor for both visitors and SEO. The Google search engine will love blog pages that are fast. While Google bots index on mobile devices with mobile-first listing, one of the most important elements is speed.

The Blog Page Should Have a Social Sharing Button: If the content shared on the blog is of high quality and attractive, it will be liked by the visitors. Among the rules of successful blog management, there should be social media buttons on the page. These buttons should be positioned at the end of each content. Thus, as soon as visitors read the text, they will want to share the block they like.

It is advantageous to get the site name from the paid applications: If the blog is prepared in the CSM system, and if it is desired to be done without paying a fee, the plugins will appear in the site name. So the CSM name will appear behind the blog name. This is how the system generates free applied addresses. If the blog name is to be created for a fee, the CSM extension will not be visible in the address. Therefore, it is more advantageous to be on the internet with a unique blog name without the plugin.

Avatar and Favicon Must Be Prepared: Images describing people on the internet are called avatars. The favicon is the symbolic image used in place of the address in the site address section. Among the rules of successful blogging, symbolic images of avatars and favicons should be used. These images become identified with users over time. Therefore, visitors will remember what they are looking for from symbolic images without the need for an address name.

How to Make a Successful Blog Content?

The following are the ways to prepare content for a successful blog:

  • Content must be original. Information on the subject to be written should be updated. New information must be found. The blogger should blend the information by interpreting his own language and thought.
  • While preparing the content, research on the subject should be done.
  • It is necessary to understand the interests and needs of the target audience well. Content that will attract their attention and benefit them should be produced.
  • If necessary, the contents should be reinforced with statistics, graphs and tables.
  • Being a blog that talks about everything does not bring success. The blogger should determine his own field and produce content accordingly. Thus, it will be easier to reach the target audience.
  • One of the rules of successful blog management is to produce quality content in a systematic way. If blogging is going to be done, this work should be continued in a disciplined way.
  • It is necessary to follow the developing and changing technologies in blogging. Algorithms and trends in the Google search engine are constantly changing and developing. All these developments need to optimize the blog site. It is also important to know the current algorithms for the preparation of content.
  • It is good to read aloud when the written content is finished. Because the spelling mistakes made are seen more clearly.
  • Content should be written in a sincere and respectful style.
  • Content should be written in an objective way. Thus, visitors will find the content reliable.
  • People like positive thinking and perspective on content. Articles should be written in this style.
  • It is important to know and follow the important days of the target audience. Accordingly, content suitable for the important days of the target audience should be produced.
  • It is necessary to have information about current events in the world and in our country. Thus, content can be produced in accordance with these topics.
  • There should be a member option on the blog site. Among the rules of successful blog management, there is also the blogger's communication with his followers on every platform.
  • Copy and paste from other sites should not be used for blog content. Google bots detect plagiarism immediately. There is also a penalty for copying. Blog page closed due to plagiarism. Instead, liked articles can be shared by showing the source.

Finally, keyword usage and SEO compliance are very important factors for blog content. It is necessary to use an immersive language that will attract the attention of readers and will be easily understood when read. The content should be strengthened by providing a link. Among the rules for managing a successful blog, the most important source of motivation is that the production of content is done decently.

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