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What is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is the planned actions taken to influence people's perceptions of products and services. In other words, branding is a marketing strategy to get customers to choose products and services over and over again.
What is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is the planned actions taken to influence people's perceptions of products and services. In other words, branding is a marketing strategy to get customers to choose products and services over and over again.
In fact, branding is keeping the product or service that is intended to be sold alive in the minds and souls of potential customers. In addition, marketing the brand is easy to understand but difficult to achieve. Because marketing the brand addresses an emotional and personal concept. For this reason, it is not possible to fully measure or quantify these abstract concepts.

Why is Brand Marketing Important?

There are many types of brands in marketing. That is why a brand needs to be remarkably and powerfully designed. Brand marketing is a method that makes companies stand out and attracts people's attention. Correctly used brand marketing has the effect of influencing, creating change and being an inspiration.
To understand the effects and importance of brand marketing on jobs, let's look at its benefits.

Beating Competitors with Branding

Competition is inevitable in every industry. This is why branding in a company highlights why the product or service offered is a better choice. Thus, branding in the company will ensure that it is at a different point from other competitors in the same industry.

Being Conscious in Branding

Having brand awareness causes the target audience to choose the brand regardless. Although there are other more affordable products or services on the market, the service or product provided by a conscious brand will be preferred.

Creating Brand Awareness with Brand Marketing

Brand awareness is an important component of brand awareness. Brand awareness with brand marketing covers the way customers remember the service or product. This scope includes visual elements such as the brand's colors, slogan and logo.

Building Brand Trust with Brand Marketing

Brand trust is important in terms of the sector in which the brand is formed and the impression it gives to potential customers. Consumers in developed countries want the companies they buy products from to be transparent about the applications.
A company that already has a solid brand will not only be considered for its professional and successful characteristics. A company with a solid brand takes its place in the industry by creating trust in accuracy and transparency issues.
If a company wants to build trust with its brand, it must determine its brand values in advance. He must fulfill the promises made by the brand. Thus, existing and potential customers will believe in the brand of the company. It will also support the company's brand.

To Give Identity to Businesses with Brand Marketing

Each brand has its own unique identity. With brand marketing, a company considers its brand more as a person than as a commercial object. Such a thought is a nice way to better describe how the brand speaks, behaves, communicates, influences societies. That is why businesses should strive to shape their brands like a person.

Creating Pride in the Staff with Branding

Employees who stand behind the company's brand are proud of the work they do. They add value to the company's business. They also play an important role in the perception of consumers.Markalaşmış bir şirketteki personelin her alanda olumlu etkileri olacaktır:

  • They can affect the way brand customers identify the product.
  • They can make people who are looking for a job in the industry want to work for the company.
  • The company's brand will give the staff a feeling of satisfaction, belonging and pride.
  • The company's staff will strive to promote the brand correctly on all kinds of platforms.

Increase the Value of Businesses with Brand Marketing

Branding plays an important role in verifying financial values in small companies or well-established large companies. Branding studies are necessary for companies to create brand value.
The growth of a company will attract potential customers. It will create new business areas. In addition, proper branding studies will be required when operating in new sundays. In order to grow the enterprise, it is important to master branding with brand marketing. Thus, a good brand for potential investors will be a remarkable investment.

Brand Marketing Elements

Branding is a critical and strategic process. However, the brand needs to have creative characteristics that are consistent with everything else. There are many brand sunday items. Let's find out about what all this is about.

Visual Brand Marketing Elements

Build Your Web Site

Having a professional website is the most important part of a digital marketing strategy. Now a website is the center of businesses. With a company website;

  • Attracting new visitors
  • Reaching potential customers,
  • Promote products or services,
  • Sell your products or services,
  • Informing customers with visual and content
  • It allows you to communicate with customers.

Having a Logo Design

Although the logo and the brand are different, they are used in the same sense. The logo, which is among the branding elements, is only part of dec branding area. For companies, the logo is a symbol so that we can be easily recognized. The principles of brand marketing allow you to carefully adjust the colors, visual language and typography when creating a logo.

Determine the Brand Name

Finding a brand name requires meticulous work and brainstorming. The brand name should reflect who the company is. He should make a good impression. It should represent the work that the company does.

Using Business Cards

Although business cards look like an old fashion, they remain important in branding elements. It is necessary that the business card is compatible with other branding elements. It should reflect the brand identity. Business Cards;

  • Making new connections,
  • Making a good impression,
  • They undertake the task of being a sincere reminder of the brand.

Determine the Brand Colors

When determining brand colors, the effects of colors on psychology should be taken into account. Colors stimulate emotions. It creates brand perception in the feelings and minds of customers. It should be thoroughly determined which message branding studies are trying to convey. Then the colors should be selected.

Using Appropriate Typography

Among the elements of brand marketing, the field that expresses letter forms, including their design and arrangement, is typography dec The selected typography shapes the brand. It also conveys the brand's message. When using typography in the brand, three or fewer font styles should be used.

Find A Slogan

The slogan used in branding is linked to the logo. Finding a catchy, effective slogan in branding work can turn into a powerful marketing strategy.

Non-Visual Brand Marketing Elements

Brand Mission Statement

Mission statement is very critical in branding studies. It is the way to express the purpose and value of the brand. The mission statement should tell everyone clearly what the brand is about in a few sentences.

Brand Vision Statement

Like the mission statement, the brand vision statement summarizes the strategic business goals. A vision statement is a clear and concise statement. It acts as a guide guiding the company's initial periods and the future of the brand. Brand vision can develop over time. It can grow with the workflow. However, it should always continue to maintain its consistency with brand values.

Determining Brand Values

At this time, consumers began to pay more attention to values such as transparency and accuracy. Everyone longs for reality. They also adopt brands that protect such values. The basis of a company's business is brand values. Brand values will always be evident in the brand marketing process.

Determine the Brand Identity

Brand identity needs to be defined from the very beginning of branding studies. Thus, the personality of the company is determined. In addition, the words said to attract the target audience are clarified. Brand identity;

  • Brand values,
  • The mission of the brand,
  • It covers the brand personality.

Telling The Brand Story

The brand story leads to the establishment of value-based relationships with the target audience. What a company's business is related to is told in a story way. A company's brand story should determine the appropriate style for all content, from marketing campaigns to social media posts. This will also mean maintaining consistency in branding.

Creating a Brand Voice

The brand voice should be brand-specific and unique. What is defined by the sound of a company's brand should be perceived mentally and spiritually. The brand voice should shape all communications of the company. It should provide consistency. It should create trust.

The Right Brand Distribution Initiative

With the spread of the brand, a stretching event is performed on what is offered to customers. So it can be tried to get a hand at a new Sunday or sector. Sometimes investment in this different sector can backfire. It can bring unsuccessful results. But when brand marketing is done with the right strategy, both brand revenue increases and great branding occurs.

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