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What is Buzz Marketing?

Buzz marketing is a viral marketing method that occurs as a result of the spread of a particular product or campaign from person to person. As a result of wider discussions, information about the product is disseminated when consumers meet with each other or when they are on the Internet. In this marketing, the goal is to get consumers to talk about services or products. The fuse of the conversation can also be set on fire by the owners of the company. Or conversations between consumers dec occur spontaneously on the Internet.
What is Buzz Marketing?

Buzz marketing is a viral marketing method that occurs as a result of the spread of a particular product or campaign from person to person. As a result of wider discussions, information about the product is disseminated when consumers meet with each other or when they are on the Internet. In this marketing, the goal is to get consumers to talk about services or products. The fuse of the conversation can also be set on fire by the owners of the company. Or conversations between consumers dec occur spontaneously on the Internet.

Buzz Marketing Methods

Buzz marketing can be done on social media. It is also a marketing that is carried out without any media in face-to-face communication. The buzz marketing method can occur in several ways. There are many methods used for this.

  • Launch Editing Method

Organizing a launch, that is, promoting a product, is one of the oldest methods. The company describes the features and advantages of the product or service. A feeling of curiosity is aroused so that consumers can buy the product or service. it shows that organizing a launch is an effective method of creating a sense of desire for a product or service.

  • The Method of Advertising

Advertising, which is one of the buzz marketing methods, is an important dec. Advertising, especially on the Internet, will be very effective. Because most people around the world can use the Internet. Companies can make people talk about their products or services by advertising.

  • The Method of Using the Infulencer

Companies can use infulencer when promoting their products or services. Influencer can influence consumers by promoting a product from a popular social media address. People are unwittingly influenced by this promotion and can start talking dec themselves. The referral of the Infulencer will allow the purchase of the product or service by its followers.

  • The Method of Creating Demand for the Product

If a company says that it produces a limited number of products, buzz is marketing. Thus, it will spread from mouth to mouth, where the brand it produces is limited. People will try to buy the product before it is finished. For example, a company that says that it produces a limited number of mobile devices depending on the market uses the buzz technique.

  • The Method of Extracting Rumors

There are also negative rumors about competing companies within buzz marketing methods. As a result of rumors about the product of another competing company, the company can make its own product stand out.

For example, let there be a rumor that the products of a pickle factory are made from poor-quality vegetables. When the lid of a can of pickles of this brand is opened, damaged products will be encountered. What will consumers who encounter this do? The next time they buy a can of pickles, they will prefer another brand. This will have a positive effect on pickles of another brand. One such case is the buzz marketing technique.

  • The Method of Promotion

Nowadays, everyone has a mobile device in their hands. Most people use social media channels intensively. This situation has caused the Internet to bring out celebrities in itself.

One of the buzz marketing methods that are popular on social media is the incentive method. In other words, popular people want to subscribe people to their channels or accounts. For this purpose, they organize sweepstakes for incentive purposes. In the sweepstakes, there may be phone givers, bicycle givers, makeup givers. In return, there may be requests such as following the pages followed or tagging friends to the comment. Such methods should be evaluated within the buzz marketing technique.

  • The Method of Focusing on the Target Audience

A company's product or service may be under consideration. Even so, the company may become more popular, with people talking about dec product or service. That is why the most important point that companies that want to decipher word of mouth among people should make is this: the company should focus on setting goals for the wishes, interests and needs of the target audience.

What Are the Basics of Buzz Marketing?

A company should pay attention to some basic factors in order for its service or product to go viral and spread. Let's examine the main factors of buzz marketing:

  • The Communication Factor

In buzz marketing, since the tool is consumers, all communication strategies should be based on consumers.

  • The Satisfaction Factor

The degree of satisfaction of consumers with the company's product or service should be maximum. For this reason, companies should make their products in the highest quality and in accordance with consumer needs. Otherwise, the customer satisfaction factor will not work.

  • The Internet Factor

Nowadays, the Internet factor is very effective in spreading word of mouth rumors. It is almost impossible to go viral without an online strategy. Even if it goes viral without the Internet, it will not be possible to make the most of the rumors.

  • Measurement Factor

A firm should measure how its work is going when using the buzz marketing technique. For this, it should extract data on its performance with monitoring tools. The firm must change the points that it needs to change during its work. It is also important to know how far you have reached the goal. That is why it is important to measure buzz marketing work with concrete data.

What Are the Advantages of Buzz Marketing?

Buzz marketing is one of the effective and outdated marketing methods. This method has many advantages. Let's list the advantages of buzz marketing:

  • It spreads quickly to a distant place, as it is a form of rumor that spreads from mouth to mouth.
  • It is a free marketing and advertising tool for companies.
  • It is the best access to potential customers.
  • With this method, very fast sales can take place.
  • Companies can receive feedback using this method and improve their products and services.
  • With Buzz marketing, it reaches people who want products and services quickly.

What Are the Disadvantages of Buzz Marketing?

Let's list the disadvantages of buzz marketing:

  • In this technique, there is no control dec the rumor among people. That is why the whole process can become less reliable.
  • Financial stability is needed in this marketing.
  • It is a difficult process for a company's product or service to go viral. In fact, it is complicated.
  • Firms feel dependence on customers to ensure the sale of their products or services.

Sectors That Use Buzz Marketing

The sectors that use the buzz marketing method the most are listed below:

  • The technology sector,
  • Food industry,
  • Automotive industry,
  • The cosmetics sector, especially companies that make makeup products,
  • The cinema industry,
  • Fashion industry,
  • Baby and children's products sector,
  • In addition, those who produce all products aimed at consumers resort to buzz marketing methods.

While buzz marketing is used in these sectors, it is ensured that customers adopt the products in the most effective way. For this, social media platforms and blogs are effectively used. The Internet is the platform where the speed of distribution of products and services is the fastest. Influencers, social media and content are intertwined with these marketing methods.

Companies make buzz marketing incentives as follows:

  • Companies organize promotional events.
  • Communication strategies related to products and services are made in social places. Forms are launched.
  • Work is carried out to bring people together on topics such as entertainment, hobbies, fan groups dec
  • Online events are held to strengthen communication on social media and blogs.

Tasks of Buzz Marketing Managers

It is very important for companies to market their products or services. The person who will manage this critical business is the marketing manager. That is why the average annual income of a marketing manager is very good.

A marketing manager who will implement buzz marketing methods should do the following:

  • The company should make interesting plans for its products or services.
  • You should work with effective social media professionals.
  • He should develop projects with a professional public relations specialist.
  • He must organize advertising campaigns.

Nowadays, many companies in all sectors work with external agencies for marketing strategies. The most important profession in the buzz marketing method is a marketing research analyst. Marketing research analysts provide detailed analysis of consumers' behavior. In other words, what analysts need to do is to determine which product or service groups people want more. They also determine how much people spend on the desired products or services from the budget. In this, they conduct basic research.


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