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What is Customer Marketing?

Customer marketing means that the marketing to be done is customer-oriented. We can say that it is the summary of customer marketing, by analyzing the customer well and making a marketing for it. The fact that the marketing to be done is customer-oriented increases the success rate of the marketing. It has been seen that brands that use the "customer marketing" technique in traditional or digital marketing can achieve great success.
What is Customer Marketing?

Customer marketing means that the marketing that will be done will be customer-oriented. We can say that a good analysis of the customer and the implementation of marketing for this is the summary of customer marketing. Customer-oriented marketing increases the success rate of marketing. It has been observed that brands that use the “customer marketing” technique in traditional or digital marketing can achieve great success. Customer marketing is especially important for the acquisition of permanent and loyal customers. In order to be able to do customer marketing, it is necessary to know several techniques and be able to apply them. It is inevitable that the marketer who knows these techniques closely will fail:

  • Updating the customer database by analyzing the needs of the digital user base in a good way (data-based marketing)
  • Segmenting customers appropriately according to the results of the resulting analysis
  • To get help from different techniques in order to be able to identify regular customers and provide them with better quality services
  • To increase the customer-oriented attitude in marketing for the best performing customers in the long term
  • Using CLV techniques to segment customers in more detail (CLV: Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Life Value)

Although all these techniques may seem complicated and challenging at first, being customer-oriented will save a lot from a marketing point of view. Customer marketing is a marketing technique that has a high success rate if applied with these techniques. Today, many brands and institutions are increasing their success in marketing by using the customer marketing strategy. It is seen that brands that increase their success have a “Word of mouth” effect after a while. This effect is due to the fact that the brand is spread by its customers through word of mouth, a kind of advertising is made in exchange for customer satisfaction. Thus, the brand can reach its potential customers through this method. This method is one of the most organic and effective that the brand can advertise. Because customer experience is taken into account more than advertising according to the potential customer base. In short, customer satisfaction is at the heart of customer marketing. We can say that people who have achieved customer satisfaction have successfully implemented the customer marketing strategy.

The Place of Customer Demands in Customer Marketing

Customer demands are the core of customer marketing. As we mentioned, brands that meet customer demands and needs by understanding them correctly have a higher success rate on marketing. It has been observed that brands that are customer-centered reach larger audiences in an organic way. It has been proven that brands that reach their potential customers organically have a higher success rate than brands that reach them only through advertising. Understanding the customer demands that are at the heart of all this can be listed as follows:

  • The presence of the brand on multiple platforms on a digital environment
  • Solving the customer's problem easily when they contact the brand, communication takes place at maximum efficiency
  • The ability of customers to contact the brand through popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  • Customers encounter information that can provide added value
  • Customers can access direct information about the topic they are looking for (the important point here is to write in accordance with SEO compliance)

We can say that the brand that applies these substances one-on-one can perform the first step of customer marketing in a digital environment. In today's world, it is very important to be in one-to-one communication with customers both in the digital world and in the real world and to provide satisfaction. It is a fact that the success rate of the brands that can provide it will be higher. The fact that marketing is not only in the real world, but also in the digital world has led to the fact that brands compete separately over both worlds. Brands that can successfully provide customer satisfaction in both worlds have been on the rise at a rapid pace.

Basics of Customer Marketing

In order for customer marketing to be implemented successfully, it must be based on some basics and these basics must be properly understood by the marketer. Especially those who want to create a long-term customer should pay attention to these basics. Customer relations are also one of the points that should be given importance in this sense. Having developed customer relations, the brand is able to create a permanent customer base by better perceiving the wishes and needs of its customers. Because customers want to stay where it is understood and their demands are met. In today's world, in addition to the implementation of customer marketing in an area where competition is so intense, much attention should be paid to customer relations. However, it should be remembered that each client may have a different style. Customers have been divided into three and examined by many sources. In this way, marketers have been able to act towards this by successfully categorizing their customers.

Group 1: It is the customer base that will migrate to your brand if they find an option at a more affordable price. It would hardly be right to invest on this customer base. Because there will always be a brand on the market that will do business cheaper than you. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that this customer base will be a permanent audience. This group has a low customer lifetime and a high wear rate.

Group 2: As you start to like and adopt your brand, this customer base, which marketing will also increase, can turn into a loyal customer base as a result of the correct strategies of the marketer. Therefore, the demands and needs of this customer base should be understood correctly. The customer will be a permanent customer as long as they meet the expectations of the brand and start to adopt it. This group, unlike group 1, has a high customer service life and a low level of wear.

Group 3: This group of customers is the group of customers who will always be loyal to your brand. This customer group, which is deeply connected to the service or product you offer, is one of the groups where you need to invest your time. The attrition share of this group, which has the highest customer life span, is very low. Therefore, it is the customer group that is most loved by brands.

Basic Steps of Customer Marketing

The biggest desire of a marketer is, of course, to increase his profit by increasing his customer base. For this reason, there may be a possibility that the marketer who gives their days, months, or even years may not receive a positive return as a result of their efforts. The biggest reason for this is that the marketer is not customer-oriented and does not implement “customer marketing”. It has been seen that marketers who can implement customer marketing can achieve great success. Because bargaining, which can meet customer demands, is sustainable. There are 5 steps that should be followed by those who want to add customer marketing to their marketing understanding. Come on, let's look at these steps together.

Step 1: Determine the Customer's needs and Demands.
Perhaps one of the most important points to pay attention to when doing marketing is to determine the demands of customers. Meeting the customer's need and demand will ensure the successful realization of marketing.

Step 2: Do Not Sell.
Stop selling to your potential customers. It is known that brands that are trying to sell in a compelling way are repulsed by customers. Brands that manage to sell are driving customers away from themselves. Therefore, when selling, focus on the demands and needs of the customer.

Step 3: Think Community-Oriented.
If you think about it on an individual basis in your marketing, you will miss a huge picture. It is very important for your marketing to think on a community basis. Because the audience of brands that think about the community is becoming wider.

Step 4: The Values are Important.
The added value that you give to your customer at the end of marketing is perhaps the most important element of marketing. In addition, it will be more effective to advertise the brand's values directly, rather than october advertising, constant promotion to conduct marketing.

Step 5: Make Your Customer Happy!
It is important to make sure that the marketing finally meets the customer's expectation. The customer whose expectation is met will be constantly working for your brand. In this case, both you and your client will win. Happy customers means happy brands!

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