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What is Duplicate Content?

It has been clearly seen that the number of duplicate content increases with the increase in information accessibility. Some content producers may produce copy content for their own interests. While this is clearly a crime, this content creator is asked to remove the content in the first place. If the person does not remove it, the content is removed by applying to more serious authorities.
What is Duplicate Content?

Today, there are many platforms and networks where we can access and share information. These can be resources such as books, magazines, sound recordings, or a resource that hosts billions of sites such as the internet. The large number of sources is one of the factors affecting the dissemination of information. This naturally paves the way for the creation of stolen and copied content on behalf of various interests. “What is duplicate content?” This is why it has been one of the most frequently asked questions. Duplicate content is the use of information from an information source in a content as it is. For example, a blogger does research while writing about a topic. He copies a sentence he has reached as a result of his research and uses it in his own writing in the same way. The resulting content is a copy. Existing information has been taken from its original source and used as if it belongs to the producer of the copy content.

It has been clearly seen that the number of duplicate content increases with the increase in information accessibility. Some content producers may produce copy content for their own interests. While this is clearly a crime, this content creator is asked to remove the content in the first place. If the person does not remove it, the content is removed by applying to more serious authorities. In addition, the copy content producer may also receive various penalties. For this reason, it is very important to produce original content. In order not to produce duplicate content, the information used as a source must be synthesized as a new sentence by the content producer. There are some websites to check whether the produced content is duplicate content. These plagiarism checking sites can give an idea about how original the content is. If you are a content producer, you can get an idea of ​​how original your content is by making use of these sites, and you can have a perfect content by correcting the parts of duplicate content.

How to Detect Duplicate Content?

Detecting duplicate content is fairly simple. There are two methods for this.

1. Plagiarism Sites: You can detect duplicate content by getting help from many plagiarism measuring sites. These sites even show which sentence is a duplicate. If you want to test the originality of the content you write, you can use these sites. Sites such as Small Seo Tools, Copyscape, WhiteSmoke, PlagScan help to determine the originality – copy status by doing the plagiarism check free of charge. The sentences determined as a result of the control are duplicate sentences and in this case, the content produced was duplicate content in a certain percentage. Using the sentences taken from a certain source in the same way means that the content is a copy. “What is duplicate content?” The answer to the question is like this. The fact that plagiarism has never been found as a result of the controls made on these sites means that the content is original. If there are duplicate sentences in your content, you can create original content by correcting them. Original content is successful content.

2. Using Google: Another way to detect duplicate content is to search the sentences one by one or in a group of sentences in quotation marks on the Google search engine. This way, you can use it as a content producer to check whether a content you produce is copied by others. If the sentence or sentences you are searching for are included in more than one result, the content has been copied. In this case, you can prevent the creation of duplicate content by contacting the producer of the duplicate content and requesting the removal of the content. If the producer of the duplicate content does not remove the content, you have the right to take legal action. In general, it is quite troublesome to check for copies by searching on Google. Because some content can consist of thousands of sentences. In this case, you can see which sentence is used in which context by getting help from plagiarism control sites. You can go to the site where the sentence is used and file a complaint and request the removal of the content. Copy content is a crime and should be intervened to prevent labor theft. Content proven to be copied as a result of complaints and notices is removed. If the person who produces the copy content is persistent in this situation, the person who stole the information can receive serious penalties with the help of more serious authorities. Information is beautiful when shared, but it is necessary not to make exact copies.

What should we pay attention to when producing content so that the content does not become a copy?

Producing original content is more troublesome than it is thought, and it must be done with care. If you want to produce original content, there are two basic elements that you should pay attention to at this point.

1. The originality of the sentences used: When you produce content, you must first scan the source from which you get the information. You should take care that the sentences you will use in your content are not exactly the same, and that they are written in different ways. The meaning of a sentence can be given by thousands of different sentences. Because language is a very rich entity. For example, "Pallet pallet truck is a tool that makes business life easier." You pass the sentence and you want to move this sentence into your content. You should not use the sentence in the same way. “The pallet truck is one of the tools that make daily life easier.” You can prevent the creation of duplicate content by making sentences such as: As you can see, the two sentences have similar meanings and give the same meaning to the reader.

2. Final checks for plagiarism: After editing the content in text format, you should get help from various plagiarism sites. You can recheck the sentences with the duplicate by correcting them after checking. In this way, you can produce original content by significantly reducing the copy rate of the content.

As you can see from all these stages, producing original content requires effort. You have to examine the sentences in the content one by one. For this reason, as a content producer, you should carefully prepare content. It is important how you present the information used in the content, since it is a crime to produce copy content. Because in this period when information spreads so easily, labor theft is unethical. Sharing knowledge is good, but stealing labor is just a crime. In order to prevent this, you should pay attention to content production and make sure that you do copy control. In some cases, even the sentence written by the person himself can be written by someone else. For this reason, you should definitely check regardless of whether you cheat.

What Should We Do in the Case of Copying the Content We Produced?

With the expansion of the information network, it has become quite easy to copy and steal information. In this age where information is produced and consumed rapidly, copy content is definitely considered a crime. Because the knowledge producer has spent effort to produce the knowledge. Copy content is blatant theft. Here are the steps to follow if your content is copied:

1) You can reach the copy creator and ask him to remove the content.
2) If the person does not remove the content, you can file a complaint on the "Google Scraper Report". If it is proven that the copy creator is indeed stealing the content, Google removes the content. This will prevent your content from being stolen.
3) At the end of all this, you can get "takedown service" from various companies. This will delete the duplicate content. Different companies have different service fees. You can get information about the fee by contacting these companies.

Duplicate content means bad and unsuccessful content. About 25 percent of the content on the web is duplicate content. This rate is increasing day by day. For this reason, we must be sensitive to copy content and take action against content theft. Theft of labor is prevented by removing reported and proven copy content. If your content has been copied or you have seen copied content, do not hesitate to report it. Duplicate content is labor theft. In addition to all these, duplicate content also restricts the original content to come to the fore. Since the content is on another site, it sometimes takes place above the original content in Google search results, affecting the number of visitors to the site. In particular, a copy content with SEO compliance can rank higher than the original content. In order to avoid this and to prevent duplicate content, duplicate content must be reported.

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