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What is Google Ads ? How to use Google Ads ?

Formerly Google AdWords is a very important tool in online marketing systems in the digital world that helps companies to bring potential customers.
What is Google Ads ? How to use Google Ads ?
Formerly Google AdWords is a very important tool in online marketing systems in the digital world that helps companies to bring potential customers. Google Ads: Previously known as Google Adwords, it is an online marketing tool and an advertising service offered by Google that allows you to display your ads in Google's search results, partner sites or Youtube. It is a very important tool that helps businesses to win in online marketing systems in the digital world.
Although search engines offer this service, the fact that Google is the most used search engine in Turkey makes this online marketing system more important for sites in Turkey.
Combining several different advertising models, Google Ads plays an important role in the growth of businesses in the digital world.

Why Should I Advertise With Google Ads?

Users search for what to do, where to go or the products they want to buy in search engines. During the search, your website with your products or services may be shown to users as a Google advertisement.
When we look at traditional advertising activities, TV advertising comes first in marketing activities. One of the most distinctive differences of the Google Ads service from the television screen is that you do not have to allocate large budgets. It is an easy-to-reach platform in terms of budget, where even the smallest tradesmen allow the company, which carries out its activities in the big plaza, to advertise.
Google Ads is an important digital marketing tool that helps to increase the visibility and awareness of your products and services.
There are no budget constraints. According to the size of the investment amount, the opportunity to reach the targeted audience is higher.

8 Rules to Consider When Advertising

  1. Set an appropriate budget.
    Setting an appropriate budget for your Google Ads ads will prevent you from spending too much on your advertising costs. You will keep the return of your advertising spending at the maximum level. When it comes to advertising expenses, Google Ads rules can be quite flexible and changeable. You can easily adjust the Google Ads daily advertising budget by determining the most appropriate cost for your business.
    Setting a budget suitable for your business eliminates serious advertising costs.
  2. Use the right keywords.
    Using the right keywords can reduce your advertising costs, increase the click-through rate on your website, and increase the right rate of purchases. It is one of the most important issues that will increase the return on your advertising investment.
    In the keyword selection process, you should invest in keywords that you can compete with your competitors. With these keywords, you should be careful to consider the budget of your ad campaign to avoid overspending.
  3. Attract more customers.
    Most digital marketing tools take some time to deliver the results you want. However, when Google Ads is managed with the right advertising strategy, it can offer you definite results in the short term. By working with Google Ads experts, it allows you to reach your products/services to more buyers.
    Along with choosing the most appropriate keywords for your ad campaign, make sure to use eye-catching, call-to-action phrases in your ad headlines and descriptions to increase the number of your potential customers. When creating your advertising campaign, take care to use easy and catchy words or expressions, express your purpose in a plain and plain language as much as possible.
  4. Don't forget the importance of landing pages.
    Landing pages are the main and most important issue in digital marketing. All your efforts while trying to create a high-yielding advertising campaign will be wasted if you do not have a high-quality, understandable and fast landing page for your product or service.
    Landing pages provide your visitors with information and details about your products or services, enabling them to become potential customers.
    An efficient landing page should include:
    • An engaging and catchy title
    • The benefits and features of your products
    • Beautifully shot photos or carefully crafted graphics
    • Your customers' comments
    • Attention and call to action (CTA)
  5. Search and display networks.
    When you want to advertise, search ads are shown in Google search results that match your keyword. In general, search traffic generates more returns compared to display traffic.
    If you choose to advertise on display networks, your ads will appear on various Google partner websites. Display networks have a flexible structure. It allows you to select the content you want to appear in your ad.
  6. Take advantage of the search terms report.
    Best suited for your ad campaign
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