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What Is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship marketing is a method to get repeat customers. Selling the service and product in this marketing is not the first purpose. It is a method developed from the campaigns made to keep the customer by ensuring customer satisfaction. Thus, it is aimed to gain long-term profit by gaining loyal customers.
What Is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship marketing is a method to get repeat customers. Selling the service and product in this marketing is not the first purpose. It is a method developed from the campaigns made to keep the customer by ensuring customer satisfaction. Thus, it is aimed to gain long-term profit by gaining loyal customers.

Increasing Existing Customer Loyalty

The use of the Internet has increased with mobile device technologies. In addition, as social media platforms increase, relational method development in marketing continues to continue. The competitive nature of the market pushes firms to develop strategies to avoid losing customers. Companies are trying various methods to ensure the continuity of their loyal customers.

Customers have constantly changing needs and demands. Firms should improve themselves on these requests. To increase the loyalty of a firm's customers, it should do the following:

  • It should improve relations with its customers.
  • It must provide its customers with additional products or services.
  • He must provide a service that will appeal to his self for each client.
  • It should strive to ensure that its existing customers are satisfied with the service or product.
  • It should develop methods to avoid losing existing customers to competitors.

When Did the Definition of Relational Marketing Appear?

Relational marketing was first described by American marketing experts in the 1980s.

Marketing specialist Leonard L. Berry stated that relationship marketing is the marketing method that ensures effective customer relations for companies. He also said that it is necessary to carry out activities for the continuation and promotion of relations in this marketing.
Barbara Bund Jackson, on the other hand, has defined relationship marketing as creating and maintaining close relationships with traded customers.
Nowadays, using the relational method in marketing is a concept that covers companies and consumers. This concept is a marketing method designed to increase the number of loyal customers, improve communication and long-term relationships. Success in the relational marketing method will begin with collecting data appropriate to the interests and needs of customers. Thanks to these data, a successful goal can be achieved by establishing a strong connection with customers.

Features of Relational Marketing

Let's look at the features of the relational method in marketing:

  1. The focus is not on sales. Customer continuity is to be ensured.
  2. The main thing in marketing work is the values of customers. Work on the characteristics of the product is not a priority.
  3. Products and services are provided that meet the needs of customers. Promises are made accordingly.
  4. Increased communication with profitable customers is ensured.
  5. Relationships with existing customers are established and improved.
  6. It is tried to have a long-term vision.
  7. Customer service at the company is configured.
  8. The company ensures that the entire team is quality conscious.
  9. Relational marketing provides psychological, social and economic benefits to the existing customer.
  10. Customer satisfaction is ensured.
  11. Firms feel the need to improve and refresh themselves. For this, up-to-date information and technology are followed.
  12. Company managers carry out activities to create a staff profile that is satisfied with their work. Responsibilities between the management staff and the personnel are decoupled in the company.
  13. The management staff develops the strategic direction.
  14. Companies use information to be present in the international arena.
  15. Customers must be earned. Earned customers should be satisfied. Satisfied customers should not be lost. Thus, consumer satisfaction should be ensured.
  16. The longer the relationship of the product or service with 

Advantages of Relational Marketing

We have mentioned that the purpose of the relational method in marketing is to keep customers in hand more than to win them over. Because it is necessary to make financial expenses for new customers. He will also ask for time to convince new customers. Instead, it costs less to retain existing customers. The advantageous aspects of relationship marketing are many. So, let's look at the advantages of the relational method in marketing:

  1. The relational marketing method is more of a concept that tries to get loyal customers. They provide profit to the company by making repeat purchases on loyal customers. Regular customers will become representatives of the company's brand. Because they will be a natural transmitter that will constantly tell them that they know the products or services of the brand they are buying.
  2. With relationship marketing, there will be a decrease in advertising and marketing expenses. In order for firms to win new customers, they will need to spend a large amount on advertising and marketing activities. But if a company has adopted the relational method of marketing, it will not be necessary to make a large-scale effort to promote products or services thanks to loyal customers. Because loyal customers will tell their circle or other people about the product or service in a satisfied way. In addition, firms that use the strategies of this method very well, allocate very little budget for advertising.
  3. In the relational marketing method, more systematic work is provided around the customers. A company that uses the relationship marketing method has effective organizational power in an unusual customer experience. The company's personnel act in an organized way in order to get customers satisfied with the service or product over a long period of time.

The Importance of Relational Marketing

The most important feature of relationship marketing is loyal customers. When a company tries to win new customers, it will have to spend a lot in terms of its budget. The relational method in marketing is important for brands and companies to maintain their relationship with customers. That is why relationship marketing is coming to the forefront today.

Components of Relational Marketing

Relational methods in marketing are based on some components. Companies should work with buyers to use components more efficiently. Buyers are those who have the characteristics of a real target audience. They are consumer profiles that are very similar to the target audience and are predetermined. The components of relational marketing are as follows:​

  • Customer Service

The most important factor of the marketing and sales stage in a company is customer service. In marketing, the relational method also focuses on the need to invest in customer service and develop this service area. Because customer service in companies is to serve the customer and solve the problems they face.

If people do not call customer service and find solutions to their problems, they will be disappointed. Even most people stop using the brand because of this disappointment.

People are satisfied when they find an answer to their problems from customer service. Thus, the impact of high-quality work of customer service on the company's brand prestige and growth will be great.

  • Content marketing

The concept of content in the relational marketing method includes the following factors:

  • Product specifications,
  • Offers,
  • It is information about areas such as ads.

The information of these factors should be appropriate for the target audience. It should also be effective in winning potential customers. In content marketing, the goal is to provide free services rather than selling products or services. In this marketing, those who review the content are expected to be customers.

  • Social media

In the relational method of marketing, the use of social media is a very effective way. Using social media in relationship marketing is at the forefront. It is easy to reach the target audience in these media that everyone uses intensively. Direct communication with potential customers can be established on social media. Brands should actively use these platforms to keep their existing customers in their hands.

  • Email marketing

In the relational marketing method, firms should use email to reach and communicate with target audiences. When contacting customers through the e-mail channel, it is very important to provide accurate information and correct timing. Thus, companies will achieve their goals more easily. It will be of interest to them to send useful emails that customers will be interested in. So they'll take care of the emails.