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What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is a method that enables a company to rank higher in search results based on keywords on the internet. An organic process like SEO is not required in this method. The advertising fee paid to the search engine moves the web page to the top depending on the keyword, without considering the organic ranking.
What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is a method that enables a company to rank higher in search results based on keywords on the internet. An organic process like SEO is not required in this method. The advertising fee paid to the search engine moves the web page to the top depending on the keyword, without considering the organic ranking.

What is the Meaning of SEM?

The meaning of the word group Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is search engine marketing. dec. The advertising method, which is called SEM dec is the advertising that search engines show to users on the result pages. Previously, these ads were the boxes dec on the right in the Google search engine. Nowadays, this situation has changed and improved.

The advertising fee paid to the search engine will move the website to the top positions in the ranking on SERP .dec. It will allow products to appear in catalogs in visual shopping ads.

Dec Are the Differences Between SEM and SEO?

The differences dec SEM and SEO are listed below:

  1. Semantic Differences

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) means search engine marketing, while SEO means search engine optimization.dec., search engine marketing (SEM) means search engine marketing.dec., search engine marketing (SEM) means search engine marketing.

  1. Semantic Differences

SEM is an online marketing strategy. It dec necessary to pay advertising fees to search engines. The service continues as long as the payment is made in the SEM method. The SEM service stops as soon as payment is not made.

There is no fee paid for receiving SEO services. Companies or individuals can manage the process by collecting information about SEO. If companies or individuals want, they can use SEO with expert support. It is free to try to get the first place with SEO. But it is up to the preferences of companies and people to get paid expert support.

  1. Procedural Differences

SEM management is a strategy that ends with the end of the budget. The fee paid in this method and the search engine based on the selected keywords will make the website stand out dec When the fee paid for the website is over, the site returns to where it is in the organic ranking.

In the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy, a long process is not required to appear in the top ranking. SEM is an advertising where the expected result is received immediately. In addition, if marketing is going to be done on the Internet using the correct SEM method, it makes sense to seek help from professionals.

SEO is a strategy that hosts transactions that require continuity and develops depending on the process. Because the search engines are constantly updated.dec. That is why the following should be done continuously in SEO.

  • The website must be kept active. For this, new content should be added.
  • Changes should be made in accordance with the trends of the new generation.
  • Deficiencies identified on the website should be corrected using the analysis tools.
  • Optimization of all performed operations should be carried out.

SEO strategies require constant effort and follow-up. So SEO is not an application where a certain fee is paid. With the SEO application, websites rise organically. As soon as SEO work is stopped on the website, the site does not lose its position. But it is still worth recalling: in order not to lose the incoming ranking, it is very important to keep the web page up to date and conduct regular follow-up. As a result, SEM and SEO are completely different applications from each other.

Is it Possible to Use SEM and SEO Together?

Many brands on the market use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in conjunction with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Thus, a real-time audience of users can be captured with SEM. With SEO, applications that minimize the need for SEM can also be made. The SEM application is a very cost-effective way according to SEO. But in order to be strong in the internet environment, using SEM is a good strategy to outperform competitors. Because in the virtual world, SEO alone will not be enough against strong competitors.

Features of the SEM Strategy

In order to create an SEM strategy in the most efficient way, the following features should be known:

  • The SEM application is advertised using keywords.
  • In the SEM application, ads are decoded to the search engine results page, i.e. SERP.
  • People who search for SEM ads with keywords will dec it.
  • With SEM, it dec be customized by determining the target audience from among the people searching using keywords. DECM can be customized by using keywords.

What Are the Types of SEM Keywords?

In Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy, keyword is a very important point. Therefore, it is necessary to give information about the types of keywords. Thus, it is possible to succeed by choosing the right keywords. Four types of keywords will be mentioned below.

Broad Keyword Derivatives: Let's consider the SEM strategy of targeting a keyword. For example, the word hand cream is targeted. It should be estimated how many different derivatives the users who search for this word in the search engine will perform the search in question. The words resulting from these predictions should be added to the SEM strategy. The following assumptions should be made when considering hand cream keyword derivatives:

  • The user may be giving the product a different name in their culture.
  • The name of the product can be written by the user in the search engine by deciphering it.
  • The user may type the product name incorrectly.
  • The user can type the synonym of the product dec the search engine.
  • The user expects to see the product in their mind by typing a different product name.

For example, instead of hand cream, it is necessary to add different variations such as hand care cream, hand cream, skin softener, hand kermi into the keyword strategy. Thus, an advertisement is made to cover the targeted search.

Creating Alternative Groups of Keywords: Long tail keywords are used in the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy. Groups of three or more words containing the keyword are long tail. Long tail keywords are the target of custom queries in which the keyword is hosted.

Competition is low in these word groups. Targeted users are customized as those looking for the exact service the product offers. Users who come to the product page with the result of long tail keywords will be pleased that the feature they are looking for is presented. For example, let's continue with the example of hand cream. It is necessary to include phrases such as 'hand cream for sensitive skin', 'discount on hand cream', 'hand cream for dry skin' in the SEM strategy. Thus, it will be possible to gain users who make such private searches. In addition, the desired goal is achieved with the low-cost SEM strategy. Therefore, it makes sense to add long tail keywords when making a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy.

Words that match the keyword exactly: When making an SEM strategy, it is necessary to add words that can have the same meaning as the keyword. Thus, a comprehensive thought is given to the keyword. For example, in order to highlight the word 'corner sofa set', it is necessary to add words such as 'L sofa set', 'corner sofa set', 'corner sofa' to the keyword strategy. Because all these written words mean the same thing. In other words, it would be logical to include words that have the same meaning of the keyword. It would also be good to include the singular and plural forms of the keyword in the strategy.

Unnecessary Keywords: The words that will bring profit to be used in SEM application have been mentioned above. So, what are the words that should not be used?

Since the SEM strategy is costly, it is necessary to use this practice wisely. For this, it would make sense to eliminate some users from ad display. For someone selling a product or service, users who search for the product or service for free are not target people. For example, for someone who sells hand cream, searches like 'free hand cream' or 'how to make hand cream' are unnecessary. Adding these searches to a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy means paying for keywords that won't work. For this reason, it is necessary to determine and not use unnecessary keywords. It is ensured that the budget allocated for SEM is used more efficiently.

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