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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is creating special content on all social media platforms on the internet. In other words, this type of marketing means using the most appropriate social media for company policy or target communities.
What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is creating special content on all social media platforms on the internet. In other words, this type of marketing means using the most appropriate social media for company policy or target communities. While making the marketing strategy, the most appropriate social network is chosen. Financial resources are allocated for this. Long and short-term plans are made.Pazarlamada sosyal medya kullanılacaksa genellikle aşağıdaki sosyal medya ağları;

  • Youtube,
  • Instagram,
  • Twitter,
  • Facebook is used.

In addition to these, it is used effectively in marketing in other social networks. They are marketing tools on platforms such as Linkedin, Tiktok, Pinterest.

What are Social Media Marketing Concepts?

Using social media, one of the marketing methods, is to set off on the interaction values of potential customers. While companies are marketing their brands, they plan in accordance with their target audiences. They are also developing strategies to attract more attention.
Companies use concepts such as content, graphics, hashtags, sources, sharing, statistics and interaction in marketing. Those who want to use social media as a tool in marketing should learn these concepts. So let's first look at what these concepts are. Social media marketing concepts are as follows:

  1. Contents

The most important point in social media is the prepared content. Shares for brand marketing should vary according to each social networking platform. Because the target audience of each social media is different. The structure of a post shared on Twitter will not be the same as LinkedIn. If a product or service is to be promoted in every medium, attention should be paid to the dynamics of each platform and the audience it addresses. Content should be prepared and shared accordingly.

  1. Graphic:

It is very important for those who have social media accounts to be creative and original. The graphics used must be well prepared. How the content is presented to followers is as important as how it is presented. Firms or individuals must present their content in the right manner. Thus, having a successful internet account will be inevitable.
While doing social media marketing, using design is very important for attracting attention, looking strong and brand perception. Companies or individuals should pay attention to this when preparing advertising images. Graphics should be made with that in mind. They are also areas that require expertise.

  1. Source:

The features and sharing styles of social networking platforms are important from whichever source one will walk. For example, a blog post about cars is wanted to be shared. The selected social media are Twitter and Instagram. Blog text can be shared as:

  • A tweet can be made on Twitter and a mini-poll can be given to people about their favorite car. While sharing, words such as 'announcement for car enthusiasts, opportunities about electric cars' can be written.
  • Before sharing on Instagram, 'electric cars or gasoline cars' can be surveyed. Then it can be shared by giving a blog link to the post.

As seen in this example, resources and platform will be used in the most accurate and effective way. Now, if we go back to the example, if there were only links for the blog on Twitter or Instagram, it would not attract attention. Because the link is shared without any interaction. For an effective social media marketing, sharing traffic and follower interaction should be created.

  1. Hashtag:

On social media, people love to search with tags and add tags in their posts. This situation is derived from the results of the researches. Accordingly, companies or individuals can use tags to market their brands on social networks. They can produce content for the tags that get the most engagement. Or they can set a tag for a produced content. Thus, the attention of the users is drawn to the brand. People start talking and writing about the brand.


Posts on social media should be appropriate for the target audience. In addition, shares should be made in accordance with the social media algorithm. For social media marketing, a certain order should be determined and shares should be made. While sharing, there will be content that people are not interested in. What these ingredients are should be carefully observed. The most liked and reaction will be in the content. Attention should be paid to what these ingredients are. It is necessary to understand the differences between reacted and unreacted ingredients. Thus, users can improve their social media shares by changing them.

  1. Interaction:

Interaction is one of the most valued issues on social networking platforms. Those who have social media accounts and even brands give importance to interaction the most. Increasing the interaction will be thanks to the correct work of the owner of the account. It also affects social media interaction in algorithms.

  • It is necessary to share the right post at the right time on social media channels.
  • It will be possible to increase the interaction values of the posts by being sponsored.
  • In order to get likes and comments, it is necessary to communicate with the followers. It is also very important in reaching the target audience.
  • Although social media platforms are free, users want to earn money through them. One of the ways of earning is for users to place paid advertisements.
  1. Statistics:

It is possible to understand how effective the shares are for social media marketing and how accurate moves are made by following the statistics. Users must also follow competitor analytics and statistics to be effective in marketing.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Until a few years ago, the only goal of social media marketing was to direct potential customers to their websites. But over time, social media channels have become an inseparable part of people's lives. Thus, the method of marketing through social media has also changed. It has become more advantageous to use social media in marketing. In addition, today, social media channels create unpredictable interactions. Let's list the benefits of marketing in social media channels that are so effective:

  • Social media platforms on the Internet are the fastest and easiest to reach potential customers.
  • It measures the trends of customers and target audience in the most accurate way for social media marketing. It also gives detailed analysis on evaluation.
  • Social media networks are among the most practical ways to build lasting relationships.
  • It is so variable and dynamic that it provides the opportunity to develop new marketing strategies.
  • It allows accurate competitor analysis.
  • It is the right place to develop strategies to create a reliable and transparent brand.
  • Social media is low cost for brand promotion. They are budget friendly places for those who have to advertise.

Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

If marketing will be done through social media channels, creating a strategy is the first condition. For this, the right goals should be set. In addition, detailed studies should be done. In order to create successful strategies, it is necessary to focus on the target audience. Accounts that understand the target audience correctly achieve success.
Achieving goals should be set for brand marketing. No brand can grow without a target. Analysis of competitors in social media should be done on a regular basis. In addition, users need to study keywords regularly. If you want to be successful while doing social media marketing, keyword performance and competitor analysis tracking is very important.
The prepared content should be effective and of high quality. It is essential to create an autocontrol mechanism while managing the account. Thus, it is seen in which subject you are better than your competitors. In addition, while reaching the goals, deficiencies and good deeds are seen. The marketed brand and social media account should be checked regularly as part of the strategies. All these will bring success and brand recognition.

Social Media Is An Effective Marketing Language

Today, social media is one of the fastest advertising campaign production platforms. No one can ignore the impact of social media. Therefore, it is necessary to establish meaningful connections with the target audience of the brand over the internet.
Achieving success for social media marketing is proportional to how accurate the implemented strategies are. This success is also related to the reaction of the users and the state of being viral. In addition, it is necessary to use a language suitable for the target audience. Creative ads will increase popularity in the social network.

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